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Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

30. Kolodziej, A., Figueiredo, M., Koper, M., Fernandez-Trillo, F. & Rodriguez, P. Phosphate-mediated electrochemical adsorption of cisplatin on gold electrodesElectrochimica Acta 248, 409–415 (2017).


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19. Louzao, I., Sui, C., Winzer, K., Fernandez-Trillo, F., and Alexander, C. (2015) Cationic polymer mediated bacterial clustering: Cell-adhesive properties of homo- and copolymers. Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 95, 47-92 (2015). – (UoB repository)


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17. Magnusson, J. P., Fernandez-Trillo, F., Sicilia, G., Spain, S. G. & Alexander, C. Programmed assembly of polymer-DNA conjugate nanoparticles with optical readout and sequence-specific activation of biorecognition. Nanoscale 6, 2368–2374 (2014).


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Figure 1

13.- Cooper, G. J. T., Bowman, R. W, Magennis, E. P., Fernández-Trillo, F., Alexander, C., Padgett, M. J., and Cronin, L. Directed Assembly of Inorganic Polyoxometalate-based Micrometer-Scale Tubular Architectures by Using Optical Control. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 51, 12754–12758 (2012).


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1.- López, S., Fernández-Trillo, F., Castedo, L. and Saá, C. Synthesis of callyberynes A and B, polyacetylenic hydrocarbons from marine sponges. Org. Lett. 5, 3725–3728 (2003).


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1.- N. Perez-Soto, L. Moule, D. N. Crisan, I. Insua, L. M. Taylor-Smith, K. Voelz, F. Fernandez-Trillo, A. Krachler, bioRxiv 2016, 066563.

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6.- Fernandez-Trillo, F., Grover, L. M., Stephenson-Brown, A., Harrison, P., and Mendes, P. M. (2017) Vesicles in Nature and the Laboratory: Elucidation of Their Biological Properties and Synthesis of Increasingly Complex Synthetic Vesicles. Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 56, 3142–3160.

5.- Insua, I., Wilkinson, A., and Fernandez-Trillo, F. Polyion complex (PIC) particles: Preparation and biomedical applications. Eur. Polym. J. 81, 198–215 (2016) – (UoB repository) – (PubMed Central)

4.- Monzó, J., Insua, I., Fernandez-Trillo, F., and Rodriguez, P. Fundamentals, achievements and challenges in the electrochemical sensing of pathogens. Analyst, 140, 7116–7128 (2015). – (UoB repository)

3.- Lallana, E., Fernández-Trillo, F., Sousa-Herves, A., Riguera, R. and Fernández-Megía, E. Click Chemistry with Polymers, Dendrimers, and Hydrogels for Drug Delivery. Pharm. Res. 29, 902–921 (2012).

2.- Lallana, E., Sousa-Herves, A., Fernández-Trillo, F., Riguera, R. and Fernández-Megía, E. Click Chemistry for Drug Delivery Nanosystems. Pharm. Res. 29, 1–34 (2011).

1.- Magnusson, J. P., Saeed, A. O., Fernández-Trillo, F. and Alexander, C. Synthetic polymers for biopharmaceutical delivery. Polym. Chem. 2, 48–59 (2010).

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Book Chapters

1.- Alexander, C. and Fernandez-Trillo, F. Bioresponsive polyplexes and micelleplexes, in Smart Materials for Drug Delivery. Alvarez-Lorenzo, C. and Concheiro, A. Eds, RSC Publishing (2013).

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1.- Screening Method and Reagents for Transfection and Delivery of Biomolecules, P201531831, filed 17 Dec. 2015.

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