Join Us

If you want to join the group, please send a copy of your CV (including a complete list of publications), a one-page letter of motivation and contact details of two academic referees to Paco.

Applicants for a PhD position should also provide the transcripts of the marks received for their undergraduate and graduate degrees (for as far as completed).

We are heavily involved in several doctoral training centres, and interested PhD candidates are encouraged to check these:

At the moment, we are recruiting in these areas:

  • If you are interested in how we can use polymers to engineer biofilms for biotechnology, check here. Joint PhD with Tim Overton in Chemical Engineering
  • Alternatively, we are looking for someone interested in peptide chemistry, nanotechnology and drug delivery. Details here. Joint PhD with Jason Zhang and Kostas Gkatzionis in Chemical Engineering
  • If you want to explore high-throughput screening approaches to the discovery of novel transfection agents, please check here. Joint PhD with Robin May and Sara Jabbari
  • We are also looking for someone interested in sensing and microbiology. Joint PhD with Paramaconi Rodriguez. More details here.
  • Finally, we are looking for someone interested in polymer synthesis and biophysics to develop novel assays through the nano-encapsulation of membrane proteins. Project is in collaboration with Tim Dafforn and Syngenta. More details here.

Deadline for application is 8th of January. Contact Paco if you want further details.

If, alternatively, you would like to apply for your own funding, we will offer extensive assistance in the preparation of your application. Examples of suitable schemes (not exhaustive!) are listed below. We will advertise any other positions when they become available.